Anthony Ellison

Anthony Ellison (Leroy): Anthony “Uncle Buck” Ellison is a native of Alexandria, Virginia.  With over 20 years experience working with children, this educator runs a before and aftercare program.His unique style of entertaining the youth inspired him to create High Hopes Entertainment over 9 years ago. From there, the infamous group known as the Da Party Crasherz was birthed. Strong comedic genes run in his family. He came up with his Uncle Buck character based on his brother’s pimping chronicles and the fact “everyone has an old country uncle that wear 70s clothes and big hair.” In his spare time, he host parties throughout the east coast. Some of his career highlights include performing for Martin Lawrence and sharing the stage with the legendary EU Band and the iconic Teena Marie. Anthony is looking forward to retiring his high heel fish tank shoes to continue more formal work in theater.  

Trenescia Cowans


Howard “Eternalliphe” Lee

Howard “Eternalliphe” Lee is a is a triple threat. He can act, sing and dance if the spirit moves him. He has been entertaining crowds most of his life. He got stated in the business at the age of 3 and has not stopped. At the age of 16 he crossed over to the technical side of things in audio, lights, and video. He has been on many stages such as the Arc theater, Howard theater, and Evangel Cathedral just to name a few. He acted in shows on all levels, “Christmas Celebration”, “The Bride”, “Wonderful Change”, “Don’t Judge Me”, “Til Death Do Us Part”, “The Detour” and the list goes on. He is always seeking new challenges, look out for his next adventure.